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…The BOOK as the MegaStar

And so it happened!!!

That Fellow with abominable sense

of reasoning has been enthroned!!!

That One with vile philosophy!

That Fellow with deranged ideas!

That One with a vision so dark about

collectivised Humanity!

That Fellow who hates the

Being in others!

That One with fallow Mind!

That Fellow with intellect so Shallow!

That Sorcerer with Narrow view of the world.

That One with Brain in his ‘other’ leg!

That Fellow… That One… who belongs

NOT in the commune of the Intelligent,

the Loving and the Believing in the

Capacity of Man to accommodate,

respect and cherish the dignity

of others!!!

Eeemoooo w’olu oooo

A plague is born!!!

Etiro ooo ooooo

So, the townfolks battered

by Scaremongering, Sorcery,

Mischief, Hateful lies…

and harangued by some strange

Mental Afflictions (MAs)

massed out and resolved to

elect PERFIDY over Reason,

They chose Darkness…

It is only the poorly educated,

the ill-educated, the mis-ducated,

or the totally uneducated

that would have chosen a peddler

of ‘death’ of our humanity to superintend the affairs of our testy, fragile, war-ravaged universe at this

auspicious time in our human interactions and development.

Well, welcome to the

Regime of the Dark!!

The world may have

inadvertently reversed

Itself (back) into the scary

Dark Ages!


HOW do you fortify yourself against the rage of madness that is sure to rule the soul of the land in coming season?

How do you mitigate the effects of the tragedies that the perfidious reign of the bigoted bulldog will unleash on our communal collective?

How do you shield yourself from the acidic rain that is sure to descend on the land of our common Being?

How do you live above the trench of puetrid trench that will certainly ooze from the kitchen of the Abhorrent that is now the big Sherrif of Ilen’la?






THE 3Es, a powerful cocktail of divine fortune will sure be your wall of survival in this regime of the Dark.

This Combo of Mind Development, the only path to self-protection, has been the engagement of the Lagos Book & Are Festival, since its birth was instigated in 1999, by the quest to help facilitate the readiness of our people for political freedom… a relief from the brigandage and wastefulness of the vagabonds in battle wears.

18 years after, the LABAF and its chief dreamers remain steadfast on the vision to help deepen the quest for knowledge acquisition and merchandising; and to spread the gospel of mental and mind development through massive literacy, especially through engagement with the TEXT — written, visualised, crafted, spoken.

It is a vision to help deepen the culture of deeper engagement by the people of the development in their environment.

It is a mission to help fast-track the full harnessing of the human capital resources inherent in our people and harvest for our nation’s capital development.

At LABAF 2016, you are welcome to feast endlessly on IDEAS and KNOWLEDGE.

To share in the goodness of Life.

To romp in Love.

To embrace Light…

To celebrate our common Humanity.

You are welcome to witness the epic battle as IDEAs trump Ignorance, and HOPE dumps Fear, and HUMANISM towers above the segregationist WALL of Perfidy that the new Plague, who has threatened to shread our Dignity, has brought to our collective consciousness.

Enjoy the four-day of feasting… but remember in this communal celebration at the ‘biggest culture picnic on the continent”, the BOOK is the megastar… After all, the Writer is only as Big as the idea contained in his/her work.




— Jahman Anikulapo,

Festival Programme Curator,

Programme Chair, CORA

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