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AFRICITIES2015: Culture is at centre of our developmental objectives in Segoul

We Are happy to engage it…. Thru culture we have been able to raise a lot of monies for other social amenities to be benefit of our local people…” Mayor of Segou, Mali, M. Osumare k. Simaga.

“Our objectives with the Festival sur la Niger (The Niger Festival) and CPEL (Founder, Council for Promotion of Local and regional Economy) was to mobilize global cultural resources to the advantage of our local people…

We have been able to bring some resources to Segou to help in the development of our city…” Mahmoud Daffe, founder of CPEL and cHirman of Continental Arterial Network.

“Through CPEL And the Festival of the Niger, we have been able to develop touristic and cultural infrastructures, provide jobs for our young people, and change the mentality of the people — by encouraging them to explore the resources in their local area, learn how to cooperate, collaborate and network and especially to see values in what they have in their cultural heritage….

Culture is very important to development, especially in a continent like Africa that is rich in resources but still has a lot of its people living in poverty and wants.. We recommend the good practice from Segou, which is a good working relationship between the creative sector and the City of Segou through its very forward looking Mayor and his team…

” Mamou Daffe, driving force behind CPEL, speaking at the opening of the CREATIVE CITIES workshop (organized by continental Arterial Network and Culture et Development) at the ongoing AFRICITIES SUMMIT in Jo’Burg.

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